"I've never met a problem a lollipop couldn't fix."

Lollipop Info

Each lollie is approximately 1.45” in diameter and 0.50” thick with 6” stick. Lollipops are all individually wrapped, labeled and sealed.

 All lollipops are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free and nut free. However we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens because the kitchen that our lollipops are made in come in to contact with other foods including but not limited to nuts, wheat, dairy and soy. Some of the sprinkles we use contain gluten. If you have any questions or concerns regarding food sensitivities, please contact us so that we can discuss.

Each lollie is handcrafted and hand-poured with the following ingredients: 100% Cane Sugar, Water, Karo Light Syrup, Flavoring Oils and Food Coloring. Some lollies (particularly the sour ones) are made with citric acid. We also use sprinkles, spices and edible flowers in some of our lollipops.

One lollipop contains about 40 calories and 10g of sugar.

Since these lollipops are made using natural ingredients and do NOT contain preservatives, they must be stored in a cool dry area away from heat and moisture. Certain temperatures may cause them to lose their shape and is beyond the control of Lollipops and Wildflowers. 



Cake Batter flavored lollipop with edible confetti

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